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Welcome to the roof of "Vogtland" (533 - 943 metres above sea level)

Klingenthal is situated right at the junction point where 3 counties meet – Bavaria, Saxony (Germany) and Bohemia (Czech Republic). Our town lies in the highest region of the mountain range landscape “Vogtland”.
Klingenthal was founded in 1591 when a hammer factory was established in the valley. From the middle of the 17th century onwards the manufacturing of musical instruments became the major influence for the economical and social development of the community.
1919 Klingenthal received its town charter and is since called “Music Town Klingenthal”. Around 12.000 people live in our town today.

Are you looking for an activity holiday? How about hiking, mountainbiking, tennis, skittles, swimming, sauna, massages and last but not least skiing in the mountains of Klingenthal?
There are altogether 350 kilometres of well-developed and marked hiking trails.

Here the winter is drawing near during late autumn already, covering meadows and trees with a gentle white.
Our winter truly lasts longer than anywhere else! It is possible for the snow to stay put until May when finally the warm rays of the sun initiate spring.

Klingenthal – a paradise for hikers and lovers of winter sports - lies in one of Germany’s most scenic and charming mountain range landscapes. The well-developed network of hiking trails leads through the extensive forest areas of the Upper Vogtland, the Western Ore Mountains (“Erzgebirge”) as well as into neighbouring Bohemia.

For both beginners and advanced Alpine skiers Klingenthal offers numerous ski slopes with ski lifts, some of which have floodlight facilities.

You have the choice of ski school, ski hire, toboggan runs, artificial ice rink and horse-drawn sleigh rides to enrich your winter vacation.
The network of cross-country ski runs and the “Kammloipe”, the ski run from Schöneck via Klingenthal into the Ore Mountains, as well as ski trails and snow-cleared hiking trails have had their loyal followers for years.